Long Distance Moving

You don’t always move next block, in the same neighborhood, in the same city or in the same province, at Fasttravelmoving we’re well aware of that.

For situations like that we offer the long distance moving service with various destinations in Canada and US. Cities like Quebec, Ottawa and Toronto are serviced by a weekly shuttle truck and additional routes are added on demand in busy periods. We offer you flexible formulas for moving on a long distance. An example of that is the Joint Moving – perfect if you don’t have a lot of stuff to move. We use the same truck to move two clients at once, to the same destination city. By combining two movings, we make you save a lot. Of course, we make sure to separate and transport with care the belongings of each client to the destination, like with every moving.

Another option is the complete reservation of a truck. This allows you to move larger homes, with a larger quantity of goods towards the destination of your choice, everything unpacked and installed – the beauty of an “All included” service. Call us anytime to talk with one of our advisers about your particular moving and we will suggests you the solution that fits your needs the best while presenting all of the available options.

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